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Discovering the regions of Quebec

The directory of initiatives highlights the work accomplished by SADCs and CAEs in different regions to improve the living environment for citizens.

The SADCs and CAEs: A winning approach for Community Futures.pdf

This booklet presents provincial and territorial portraits of CF/CBDCs across Canada and an overview of the results and benefits of the Community Futures Program since its establishment.

Community revitalization: Dare to show local pride.pdf

Suggestions to support small towns in resolving their long-term problems through local pride.

Evaluation of the Université rurale québécoise (URQ) model.pdf

The findings of a working group on the relevance of the Université rurale québécoise in community development.

Local business ownership, business succession and community development.pdf

A study led by the Canada Research Chair in Rural Development at UQAR to better understand the dynamics that exist between local business ownership and a community’s development capacity, and to identify the factors involved in business succession.

The digital economy: More than a question of infrastructure.pdf

A brief submitted to the Government of Canada in the context of the development of its digital economy strategy. The brief addresses the issue of broadband Internet access in the regions and proposes support measures for the implementation of the government’s strategy.