antoinelabelle24Last year 22% of the loans granted by CFDCs and CBDCs went to business start-ups.

"I appreciated the faith the CFDC had in my business project. We were on the same wave length and it was enjoyable to work with my advisor. It was a win/win relationship!"

Claude Lévesque, boutique Roc & Ride

Want to start a business?

To help you with your project, our professionals offer the solutions and tools you need to start your own business. CFDCs and CBDCs meet community needs by offering specialized services, ranging from market studies to business plan analyses, not to mention financing! You will be guided throughout the start-up process.

Accompaniment and individual follow-up:

  • Market studies
  • Idea banks
  • Training
  • Financial outlay analysis
  • Consulting services in marketing, commercialization, human resources, research and development, exports, etc.

Financial services:

  • Regular Investment Fund
  • Youth Strategy Fund (Brochure)