antoinelabelle9Much effort is made by CFDCs and CBDCs to promote work among young people and to reinforce their social, cultural and economic commitment to their region. Since 1996, jobs were provided to 5,500 youth in the regions.

"I always wanted to come back to my city of birth. My experience shows that it is not only possible to find a place to work, but also a place to thrive."

Alexandra Bureau, SADC Barraute-Senneterre-Quévillon

Job hunting in the Québec's regions?

Under 30 and want to work in your region? Like to find work in your field of study? CFDCs and CBDCs have programs to hire students in their offices, in local businesses or in a Community Internet Access Centre (CIAC).


Jobs in information technology

In conjunction with Industry Canada, through the Youth Internship Program, CFDCs and CBDCs offer job opportunities in information technologies to young people from 15 to 30 years old.

  • Since 1996, some 3,400 jobs for youth have been created through this initiative.


Jobs in CFDCs and CBDCs

Canada Economic Development's Student Job initiative helps provide work for young people at a CFDC or CBDC or in local development projects. These jobs often provide youth with their first work experience and plant the seeds for them to settle down in their own community.

  • Since 1996, this initiative has provided jobs to some 2,000 students in Québec's regions;
  • This year alone, the Student Job Program has made is possible to create 63 student jobs with a budget of $430,000;
  • The Student Job Program clearly encourages young people to settle in their community, familiarizing them with the wealth and vitality of community life. Some 73% of students stated that their work experience at a CFDC or CBDC encouraged them to remain in or return to their community.