Who are we





The Réseau des SADC et CAE is a network of 57 Community Futures Development Corporations (SADCs) and 10 Community Business Development Corporations (CAEs), not-for-profit organizations that have been working in economic development in the regions of Quebec for the last 37 years. Its 400 professionals and more than 1,000 passionate volunteers support projects and innovative businesses for prosperous communities. SADCs and CAEs have $265 million in assets for investment, and help and finance over 10,000 businesses and over 1,000 local projects every year

The Réseau’s mission

Act as the focal point for SADCs and CAEs in promoting their interests and their expertise, and in sharing and developing innovative tools to ensure the development objectives of their communities.

Vision for 2016–2021

Proud of our results and confident in our ability to adapt, we are catalysts, pioneers and innovators for the vitality of our communities.


For 37 years, SADCs and CAEs have been helping to encourage communities to take charge of their future with the Community Futures Program (CFP), created in 1986. The CFP is a Canadian government program that provides operations financing for the 268 CF/CBDCs in Canada and recognizes the expertise of local decision makers and decision-making autonomy.

Thanks to the Government of Canada’s Community Futures Program (CFP), CFDCs and CBDCs are able to encourage communities to take charge of their future. On the federal level, the CFP is implemented through the Community Futures Network of Canada (CFNC) , which is made up of 269 CF/CBDCs.

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A network of skills

In 1995, SADCs and CAEs joined together to form a network to highlight the importance of their individual existence and their interaction, promote discussions and freely share their expertise, without compromising their differences or their autonomy.

Along with the 400 professionals who work in the 67 organizations, more than 1,000 volunteers offer their time, energy, knowledge and skills to the SADC or CAE in their area. We can thus count on people from different economic sectors who are in the best position to identify the needs of their community.

The results of many satisfaction surveys over the years have shown the need for SADCs and CAEs, with clients noting in particular the professionalism of their employees.