Who are we





$60M invested in businesses every year, on average

$105.5M invested in businesses created by youth since 1997

$8.25M invested in ongoing local development projects


Every year, Quebec’s 67 SADCs and CAEs:

  • Financially contribute to over 1,000 local economic development projects
  • Provide services to more than 10,000 businesses
  • Create 3,700 new jobs and maintain 22,500
  • Make it possible to generate almost $6 for every dollar invested
  • Grant an average of 1,300 loans
  • Invest $10.5 million to provide jobs for youth

A fifth study from Statistics Canada reaffirms that SADCs and CAEs propel businesses

  • Improved business survival rate: 87% after five years of existence, compared to 53% for those in the control group.
  • Increased job creation: average increase of 3.3% per year compared to 1.3% in the control group.
  • More rapid increase in sales: 5.2% annual sales increase compared to 3.14% for the control group.
  • More rapid progression of businesses’ payroll: 4.9% per year on average compared to 2.9% for businesses in the control group.


Satisfied clients

  • 96% of businesses were satisfied with SADC and CAE advisors.
  • 85% of SADC and CAE clientele were completely satisfied with the services received.
  • 94% of the young people supported by a SADC or CAE stated that their project encouraged them to settle in the region.

Since 1997, The Youth Strategy

  • 31,775 jobs created and maintained
  • 9,000 projects funded, 44% of which were business start-ups
  • $115 million in loans handed out, with an average loan of $12,385


Student jobs

  • In 20 years, the Student Job Initiative has contributed to the hiring of close to 2,066 students in the regions of Quebec.
  • 56% of youth hired through this initiative are studying outside their region and come back to their region to work as part of the Student Job Initiative.
  • 78% state that their work experience at the SADC or CAE encouraged them to remain in or return to their community.
  • Close to 50% of the students’ work consists of local development activities.