Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Do you want to adopt sustainable development pratices?

The Réseau des SADC et CAE has been prioritizing sustainable development in its work for over 10 years. CFDCs and CBDCs develop concrete solutions for businesses and for their communities.

It is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to adopt sustainable practices in order to take on the challenges of the new economy. Many entrepreneurs work with their CFDC or CBDC to implement sustainable solutions. Moving toward sustainable development pays off and makes your business more competitive!

SADCs and CAEs can contribute to your success by helping you to:

  • Conduct an assessment and develop an action plan
  • Implement your project
  • Find an internship in sustainable development
  • Get training in environmental accounting
  • Carry out a technical analysis for an energy efficiency project
  • Business specialists
  • Register your efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the carbon market


SUCCES STORY: Sustainable outfitters

Among the businesses supported by SADCs and CAEs in their efforts toward sustainable development are about 20 outfitters in Quebec. These outfitters were all facing similar challenges, such as the remoteness of their locations. They were able to receive support from the SADCs and CAEs in their municipalities to help them define their sustainable development needs and create action plans for integrating concrete solutions.

As a result of these actions, several outfitters have already integrated new practices, such as implementing less costly and more efficient electricity supply systems!

The SADC and CAE have been working for more than 40 years for the economic development of the regions of Quebec.

More than 400 professionals and 600 volunteers support innovative projects and businesses for thriving communities.



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