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Canadian Digital Adoption Program

In the ongoing search for alternatives aimed at contributing to Quebec’s economic and social growth, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ), the Réseau des Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités and the Centres d’aide aux entreprises (SADCs & CAEs) have joined their efforts in supporting activities that make it easier for Quebec’s small businesses to adopt digital technology and in providing employment and training opportunities to young people and graduates.

To contribute to the implementation of this new project, we are looking for students and recent graduates throughout Quebec showing a strong capacity to be proactive, a high level of continuous improvement and an enviable ability to work in a team to fulfill the position of e-commerce advisor.
Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen and demonstrate your skills
This experience will give you the opportunity to obtain training in the following areas:
• Become acquainted with various e-commerce solutions and related tools.
• Understand the basics of cyber security.
• Deepen your understanding of the “Grow Your Business Online” grant.
• Develop your persuasive oral communications skills.
• Demonstrate your autonomy and dynamic behaviour.
• Demonstrate your analytical skills and abilities to summarize.
• Strengthen your organizational skills and abilities to set priorities and raise any related issues.
Specific requirements:
• Be a graduated high school student planning to pursue post-secondary educations.
• Currently enrolled in a post-secondary program or recently graduated from a post-
secondary program.
• Knowledge of Quebec employers’ concerns would be an asset.

Role and responsabilities
The ideal candidate for this position of advisor has to provide a level of expertise to support Quebec businesses, in particular SMEs, in identifying their e-commerce and workforce issues. The ideal candidate will be involved in business needs analysis using a diagnostic and promote companies’ participation in the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and in other programs based on their needs.
Main tasks:
• Target businesses to help them participate in the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).
• Conduct a diagnostic to identify the e-commerce and workforce issues SMEs are facing.
• Analysis of business needs and identification of programs and projects in line with identified needs.
• Facilitate companies’ access to the various programs and regional services providers to support their needs
• Help companies take advantage of the “Grow Your Business Online” grant.
• Any other related tasks.

Work conditions and benefits:
• Full-time or part-time.
• Working remotely.
• Contract of employment.
• Competitive comprehensive compensation (sick leave, summer schedule, etc.).
• Dynamic work environment with many avenues and learning opportunities.

How to apply?
Send us your curriculum vitae to the following email address: rh@pcan-quebec.ca.
Only selected candidates will be contacted.